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TAILORED TO YOU Every rider differers slightly from others in several aspects. During the training, riders’ strengths and weaknesses are identified: it may be confidence, braking, throttle and clutch control, counter balance, steering, body position, forward planning, vision, that a rider specifically needs to work on. These are incorporated into their sessions, accounting for their level of riding technique. Whether Riding 1:1 or 2:1 a rider can learn at their own pace as they train, as well as personal instruction points.


We can train you to complete your Cbt on a Yamaha Mt07 if you book as a package combining a Cbt/DAS course. Call us to book or find out more. DAS (Direct Access Scheme). Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Courses. The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) is designed for riders over 24 years old, (or have held an A2 medium bike licence for 2 years) who wish to progress on to full entitlement to all motorcycles of any capacity or power output. First you will need a valid CBT and motorcycle theory test certificate, and also have an up to date Licence. At Rtech we offer a free assessment of your riding skills. The amount of training needed to progress you to module 1 test standard is advised by your instructor. We will then discuss your training requirements as a rider and offer the best package to meet the required skill level to take your test. Remember everyone learns at different rates and you want to feel confident to take your test and pass and also learn valuable safe riding practices in a professional and fun enviroment. Initially your training could be conducted on 125cc or 700cc bikes dependant on your riding experience. Training for the full test modules and the length of your course are determined by the individual’s level of skill and experience – novice riders will naturally require more training than experienced riders.   More information about taking your practical tests is available via the DVSA (driving vehicle standards agency) website. www.dvsa.gov.uk   A1 Light Motorcycle Licence – call us for info today! A1 Light motorcycle Licence is for people who wish to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter without L-plates, use motorways and carry a pillion passenger.You will be required to have a valid CBT certificate and pass the motorcycle theory and practical tests to get this entitlement. The minimum age for A1 remains at 17 years. Includes: Motorcycle/Scooter Hire Fuel and insurance Helmet, gloves, jacket, waterproofs hire Highly qualified, professional motorcycle instructors and enjoyable safe training.   A2 Medium Motorcycle Licence. call us to book your training today! Category A2 (medium motorcycles up to 35kW) Category A2 covers medium sized motorcycles, with or without a sidecar, which have: An engine power output up to 35kW A power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2kW/kg – the motorcycle must not be derived from a machine of more than double its power. The minimum age for A2 is 19 years. There are two routes to get this motorcycle entitlement: Progressive access – if you have a minimum of two years’ experience on a category A1 motorcycle with a full licence, you can take the category A2 motorcycle test Direct access – you must be aged 19 years or over, hold a valid CBT certificate and pass the theory and practical category A2 motorcycle tests.

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Advanced rider clinic. Are you a seasoned rider or been on the bigger bike for a few months and would like to hone your skills further. We can train you to become a safer rider on one of our rider clinic days. Covering different modules from proper motorcycle control through to defensive riding on the road. Skills Clinics. You never stop learning and may want to progress your skills in an aspect of your riding. With a tailor made training course bespoke to your riding, you gain more control over your riding. Lots of riders invest in the best bikes and equipment however few riders progress their skills by taking further training. IMG_0109

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We offer a personable experience on our courses. We are all about providing you with a great experience. We are training you to be the best rider you can be not just how to pass your tests.

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Rtech only uses the best equipment to ensure your training is the best money can buy. IMG_0106

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