Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy (Terms of Business)

Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.

A valid UK driving licence must be produced to your trainer upon registration of the course.

European licences must be accompanied by a UK Driver’s Number (counterpart) and photo Id (valid passport if no photo on card part of Licence).

If you produce an older paper style Licence, a valid up to date passport must also be provided. No other form of photographic ID will be accepted.

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the Licence presented to us is valid and up to date before any formal training course can commence.

If a valid and up to date UK photocard licence, A valid european licence (complete with UK counterpart) is not provided, the client will not commence any formal training with Rtech rider  Training Academy Ltd as this is a legal requirement by the DVSA.

This will result in a total loss of course fees.

Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your training course, everything is ran to a schedule.


Details of how to check your licence is valid and up to date are available on the DVLA website.

Your riding ability

Compulsory Basic Training can usually be completed in a day, however you must complete each element successfully in turn. If your trainer feels you require more training to achieve a satisfactory level of riding and demonstrate your potential safety on the motorcycle, you may be required to complete some remedial training in one or more of the elements at a later date. Everyone learns at different rates it may take you one or more days to successfully complete your CBT.

If your assessed riding ability is weak and deemed too dangerous to continue on any of our courses, your trainer may deem it necessary to terminate your training, if damage to property or risk to life is potentially identified.

If you are not successful on Element C and you do not reach the required standard of riding, you will receive a debrief about your ability.and further advice will be given about how to move forwards with your training. Your Cbt training and any further training you need to progress must be booked in advance on another date.

Your trainer is there to keep you safe and constantly assesses your riding throughout the day. Riding a motorcycle is a risk at any time, through professional training and development we can all minimize these risks.



Suitable Clothing
Students taking part in any training courses must wear suitable clothing that offers reasonable protection. Wear layers that will keep you warm when it’s cold and take a layer off when you’re warm. Something to cover up your neck like a scarf or snoodie tucked in will stop wind-chill.

We understand you may be new to biking and may not own your own motorcycle equipment yet; we do provide a Helmet, Jacket, Gloves for you on the day.

You should be suitably attired, in jeans and hiking boots.

We do not accept trainers and tracksuit bottoms or sandals and shorts as you’re at risk of serious injury.

If clothing worn is viewed as inappropriate and unsafe then the client may be asked to rebook the training course at additional cost.

If you wish to cancel your course for any reason you MUST provide a Minimum of 48 hours notice before the start of your course. Charges may still apply for instance test fees and instructor costs.

If you making a booking within the 48 hour period you are not entitled to a refund, please think about this before you make a booking with us. No exceptions will be made.

Cancellations made within 48 hours will result in loss of fees paid.

All cancellations must be made via phone or email and confirmed with a member of our team.

We DO NOT accept voicemail or text messages as notification of cancellations.

Rtech Rider Training AcademyLtd may cancel training courses in adverse weather conditions that makes the training unsafe to proceed. Prior notification will be given to the client as soon as possible before the start of the course.

Any courses that are cancelled by Motorcycle Training London Ltd due to adverse weather can be rebooked at no extra charge.

How to rebook your course:

If you wish to rebook your course for any reason you must provide a minimum 48 hours notice before your course starts.

Any rebooking requests within 48 hours from the start date of the course will result in a loss of fees paid. For more information please contact us. You may be charged in instances where tests have been booked and instructor fees.


Refunds can be requested 48 Hours before the start date of the course, less 10% however extra charges may apply due to tests being booked as these cannot be changed, or when instructors fees must still be paid if you do not turn up for your training.


Legal requirements

Compulsory Basic Training and direct access, A1,A2, can only be provided by an approved Authorised Training Body.
Rtech Rider Training Ltd is an DVSA approved Training Centre. As such all training courses carried out by Rtech Rider Training Academy Ltd are governed by the Driving vehicle Standards Agency.

All information passed to Rtech Rider Training Academy Ltd will be treated as confidential. No information will be shared with any other company or third party organisation.

Course Agreements

All trainers currently registered with Motorcycle Training London Ltd are DVSA approved and trained to a high standard. All clients attending one of Motorcycle Training London Ltd training courses will agree to follow the instruction and guidance of the appointed registered trainer for the purpose of Compulsory Basic Training And direct access scheme, Clients that fail to follow requirements or DO NOT respond to training will have their training course terminated.

Course Agreements

All students on CBT/Das/A1/A2 courses must sign a disclaimer before any on road training can commence. You must confirm you’re satisfied with the training you have received so far and as a result feel sufficiently competent to proceed with the next part of your training course. You must be able to confirm that you feel sufficiently competent to conduct the training on the Public Highway in the weather conditions prevailing at the time and that the motorcycle that your riding is suitable for you.

Failure to sign this declaration will result in the course being unable to continue as any on-road riding will be incomplete you will need to book more onsite training. This clause has been bought in as part of a new structure to the Motorcycle Training Industry Insurance Policy.

Rtech Rider  Training academy Ltd offer the highest quality training to their clients, should the client have any complaints with an aspect of their experience with us it is very important to us and we would like to resolve it, please report any informal complaint to a member of staff who will help to resolve the issue, if a formal complaint needs to be made we will take this very seriously and the client should contact a senior member of the team to help resolve the issue.

Road Traffic Violations

Clients in control of one of Rtech Rider Training academy Ltd’s motorcycles will take full responsibility of any violations regarding to road traffic laws caused by them riding on the public highway. Relevant details will be passed to the appropriate authorities if requested. The client to whom the offence relates will be informed.


Any inappropriate behaviour displayed by the client whilst taking part in any training course Motorcycle Training London Ltd provide could lead to training being terminated may also lead to relevant authorities being notified.

Any abuse of staff or other clients will not be tolerated on any level.

If any suspected us of alcohol or illegal substances is indicated or used on site that will endanger yourself or others, this will result in termination of the training course with immediate effect.

Any illegal or inappropriate behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

Customer Vehicles
Any vehicles supplied by the customer for use on any training courses conducted by Motorcycle Training London Ltd will not be covered by the Motorcycle Training London Ltd insurance policy for motorcycles.

Responsibility is with the client to ensure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and meets the relevant legal requirements. “L” plates must be clearly displayed front and rear. A valid Tax disc must be displayed on the motorcycle. A valid MOT certificate must be shown to the trainer at the start of the course. A valid insurance cover note must be shown. A vehicle log book (V5) must be produced. The trainer will check all relevant paperwork and check the motorcycle is in a safe and appropriate condition to commence your training.


Please make your trainer aware if you are taking any medication or have any medical conditions that could affect your ability to ride a motorcycle/scooter before commencing your course.